Showing up

by carney on July 24, 2014

Nick front squats Nick redlines his effort while maintaining solid position in the front squat.

If you want your life to change for the better, all you have to do is show up. Showing up is equal parts being present and doing the work. This applies to anything you want to improve in your life whether personal or professional. As an athlete, it is being in the gym ready to train. As a coach, it is having the doors open, lights on, and being ready to train your clients and athletes.

Workout of the Day

Five rounds for time:
20 pull-ups
40 push-ups
60 squats



by carney on July 21, 2014

Rob does weighted pull-ups Rob adds load to his pull-ups.

Ah, Monday at last! Whatever your successes and failings were last week, let them go! This is a new week, a fresh start at working towards you becoming a weapons-grade human being.

Workout of the Day

Five rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
6 rogue barbell complexes, 50 kg

The rogue barbell complex consists of a ground to overhead (squat clean & press or squat snatch) followed by two lunges (left and right).


Hair of the dog

by carney on July 10, 2014

IMG_2939 Starla pulls the barbell high, because she can.

Like any movement, the sumo-deadlift high pull (SDHP) is a great tool for exposing limits in range of motion, lack of coordination, and weakness. By default, it then is the best movement for helping to correct said deficiencies.

The SDHP itself does not create a shoulder or back problem where there is none. The healthy human body is perfectly capable of achieving a range of motion at relatively high loads and volume without incident. The inability to achieve the required range of motion and pain within a joint or muscle is most often weakness within the structure and not an injury requiring medical attention.

A good trainer will be able to identify these weak areas and along with feedback from their athlete be able to establish a plan of action that will result in the desired goal of moving heavier loads more quickly through the established range of motion.

The two most common errors people will make when they experience pain with any movement or activity is to either (1) stop the activity indefinitely, either “waiting for it to heal” or giving up on it all together or (b) they will “push through the pain” and keep doing it. Both paths lead to greater dysfunction, pain, and injury.

The goal is always to be able to complete the movement or perform the activity fully and pain free. Dysfunction within the structure and injury are the two things that will impair movement.

The way out is through. You must identify the problem and take measures to correct it. Good bodywork – chiropractic, physical therapy, osteopathy, and massage therapy – can help to restore functionality and balance to the body’s structure.

But then we have to get right back to the problematic activity – hair of the dog that bit you – both as a retest and to continue building ability and strength for it.

Workout of the Day

In as few sets as possible:
75 overhead squats, 45 kg


Hump day

by carney on July 9, 2014

Front rack lunges Travis and Kate do barbell lunges

Hump day. Get up, get out, and get busy! Face the toughest days with your strongest, most determined self.

Rise and Grind

Workout of the Day

Three rounds for time:
Run 800 m
9 weighted pull-ups, 45 lb
21 ring dips


Raising the bar

by carney on July 8, 2014

Jump and row Front to back: Niels, Meggan, and Bruce in the mix.

CrossFit raises the bar, defining and establishing fitness industry standards in trainer education and development, again:

CrossFit Trainer Education and Certification: New Programs and a New Structure

Workout of the Day

For max load:
Deadlift, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps


Survival dependent

by carney on July 7, 2014

barbell snatches and Turkish get-ups. Tysen pulls a single-arm snatch while Lisa (from Minnesota) does Turkish get-ups.

Though Montana has one of the lower crime rates in the U.S., on any given day, bad things do happen to good people.

For example, just this weekend:
Woman escapes attacker on Kim Williams Trail (Missoula)
Police: Female half-marathoner avoids abduction (Lincoln)

And within the last month:
Suspect in custody after attempted kidnapping of 10-year old (Missoula)
Pablo man charged with raping, kidnapping woman (Polson)

Awareness and the will to protect yourself by any means necessary are key to keeping you and your family safe. Last week, we shared three books that we believe offer valuable insight into doing just that.

There is no single training approach or tool that will keep you safe. Simply carrying a gun or pepper spray does not make you safe without the proper training to use them in stressful situations. Participating in martial arts or combat sports does not necessarily prepare you mentally to handle the “no holds barred” ruthlessness of street violence when your attacker’s goal is not to “win” but to destroy you.

Your survival is dependent on many things:

  • Your awareness of people and your environment.
  • Your willingness to protect yourself by any means necessary, including injuring and possibly killing your foe.
  • The tools at your disposal, including your body (hands, feet, elbows, etc.), guns, knives, improvised weapons, etc.
  • The efficacy of your training.

Workout of the Day

Five rounds for time:
12 push presses, 135 lb
20 box jumps, 24 in


Defending the brand

by carney on July 5, 2014

in the mix 05:30 in the mix.

The Russells: Defending the brand from junk science, yellow journalism, and invincible ignorance.

A few of our favorite posts:

Workout of the Day

Three rounds for time:
75 squats
25 ring handstand push-ups
25 L pull-ups


The new science

by carney on July 4, 2014

Going overhead Tim and Alaina snatch’n.

, whole body movements makeup the core of our program. Gymnasticsbody control – climbing, crawling, running, jumping. Predating history and the development of tools, we first moved ourselves through our environment. And we were strong and fast. Logs and rocks evolved into barbells and dumbbells. A natural process in an attempt to move heavier, and heavier loads from the ground to overhead. Evolutionarily proven, time-tested tools and methods of strength and conditioning brought back into mainstream by the new science of fitness, of health and human performance – CrossFit.

Workout of the Day

Three rounds for time:
Run 400 m
3 stone cleans, 142 lb
142 lb stone carry, 9 m
6 burpees
3 stone cleans, 142 lb
142 lb stone carry, 9 m


Fun with fear

by carney on June 30, 2014

Hitting the deck Team 05:30 “Hit the Deck”

You never know how much you can do, until you try to do more than you are able. Fear of failure and rejection often hold us back from going for the things we want most in life. But how do you know you will not succeed unless you try? Improving your ability to move forward with courage into situations that have no guarantee of success takes practice. Make it a daily habit to look for opportunities to risk a little, e.g., register for an upcoming athletic event, answer a sales call, make a sales call, ask the cute guy or gal out for coffee, etc. Make a game out of it. Recruit a partner and keep score. Loser owes $50, or buys drinks, or donuts, whatever. Have fun with your fear!

Workout of the Day

For time:
Row 500 m

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
4 Turkish get-ups, 60 lb dumbbell
8 box jumps, 20 in
12 single arm power snatches, 60 lb dumbbell


Born predator

by carney on June 27, 2014

Alaina doing her pull-ups on the outdoor rig. Alaina doing her pull-ups on the outdoor rig.


The third unique environment you want to have command over is combat (defense and control of an aggressor). Humans doing violence to other humans has been a part of our reality forever. And it will always be. You were born a predator, and then socialized to pretend you are not. CrossFit Missoula’s self-protection program helps connect you to your predator self. The part of you that will protect you when attacked, the part of you that will fight to survive.

There are many good authors and books out there on the subject of violence and self-protection, but two that we put directly in the hands of our new students are:

Gavin De Becker’s “Gift of Fear” and either Tim Larkin’s “Survive the Unthinkable: A Total Guide to Women’s Self Protection” or “How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life

Workout of the Day

Five rounds for time:
75 double unders
15 overhead squats, 42 kg
12 toes to bar

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