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Every part of your anatomy is involved and engaged in practically every movement of our program. There are no slack parts, ever. Sure, when looking for a new 1 rep max of a movement like the shoulder press, dip, or pull-up we don’t allow any wiggle in the rest of your structure, but when getting work done in the shortest time possible is of paramount importance to a high score, or your survival, you want everything working.

Workout of the Day
Clean & jerk, max for the day *

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes:
5 hang power cleans, 50 kg
7 front squats, 50 kg
9 burpees

* The “max for the day” effort is approached differently then some of our other heavy workouts (e.g. 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 rep, 1×5, 1RM) in that position and speed are emphasized over load. If a student misses a lift, then they will immediately reduce the load by 5%-10%, and then continue in their effort to incrementally increase the load each lift. Attention and focus on each lift are heightened as the recorded weights rise and fall in a wave-like pattern. And just so we’re not misunderstood – POSITION, SPEED, and LOAD always matter in training. The variations in emphasis are generated by the rules of scoring.

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