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Building strength

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At times we entertain the idea of programming workouts using only a barbell and rings. When people ask us, “what equipment should I purchase for my home gym?” We tell them first, “get you some rings.” Second (but equally important), invest in a quality barbell, bumper plates, and steel change plates. For us, the barbell is king in building gorilla like strength. You’re just not going to put more load on your frame with anything other than a properly loaded barbell. Sure, dumbbells, kettlebells, atlas stones, and medicine balls are critical tools in a well rounded strength & conditioning program, but when we need to push your limit strength to the ceiling, the barbell is our go-to.

Guest Days – The Sequel – WOD #3
Three rounds for reps:
Kettlebell deadlifts, 1 min
Box jumps, 1 min
Dumbbell Push-presses, 1 min
One arm plank, 1 min
Rest, 1 min

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