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Showing up

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In “showing up” you’re doing more than just walking  through the door. Showing up requires you to leave your ego and life problems outside the gym so you’ll be a better training partner for someone else. It includes listening to and following directions, asking good questions, and being an attentive student so that you will get as much as you can out of today’s training session. Showing up is putting 100% focused effort into your warm-up and your workout. It’s cheers of support and high-fives to everyone in the gym with you. Showing up is recording your day’s success in your training journal and on the white board, putting away your equipment and then helping others put away theirs. It’s leaving satisfied that you showed up again today, and committing to showing up again tomorrow.

Workout of the Day
Bodyweight Challenge
For max reps:
Squats, 2 min
Pull-ups, 2 min
Push-ups, 2 min
Sit-ups, 2 min
Rest, 1 min
Squats, 1.5 min
Pull-ups, 1.5 min
Push-ups, 1.5 min
Sit-ups, 1.5 min
Rest, 1 min
Squats, 1 min
Pull-ups, 1 min
Push-ups, 1 min
Sit-ups, 1 min
Rest, 1 min

Then, for time:
Run 3 km

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