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Staying focused

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Jumping rope offers more than simple cardio. It requires and develops coordination, rhythm, timing, and mental focus. Coordination is the ability of all your parts to work together to get you over the rope, again and again. Rhythm and timing come together to get your feet off the ground in cadence with the revolution of the rope. And your ability to continue to make that happen efficiently while under fatigue conditions and with an elevated heart rate demands laser-like focus.

It’s been our observation that once a student masters the complexity of the double-under, they experience simultaneous improvements in other high skill movements (e.g. muscle-ups, kipping pull-ups, snatches and clean & jerks).

Workout of the Day
Ten rounds for time:
2 kettlebell single arm get-ups, 28 kg
3 rope ascents, 15 ft
9 box jumps, 24 in

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