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Three good reasons

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Beginning today, we will no longer be posting a workout of the day (WOD) to the blog. Reason number one is the WOD posted here does not reflect the training we are actually doing in our classes. We pack a massive amount of training density into an hour. From the general warm-up, to the skill work, to the WOD, to the cool-down-mobility-there’s-ten-minutes-left-better-do-something, we get a lot of work accomplished in one class.

Though it’s a group class, we encourage students to incorporate specific drills and skills into their daily training so that they move definitively in the direction of their chosen goals. The actual WOD, though critical to our students’ progress and success, is only one part of what we do with one hour a day.

Second reason is that our students receive the week’s workouts via email on Sunday, and it’s posted in the gym on Monday. None of our students come to the blog for the WOD.

Lastly, there are now literally thousands of websites offering CrossFit WOD’s. You have a lot of options to choose from if you’re just looking for workouts to do on your own or searching for ideas.

Though we may return to posting WOD’s in the future, for now we will continue posting a photo along with some small offering of the written word. So if you’ve enjoyed the photos and short prose, please check back often or stay informed via RSS feed or Facebook.

Thank you!

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