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Eight years!

Original "box" 2006

A much younger Kaelan scoots around CrossFit Missoula’s early “box”.

Happy Anniversary CrossFit Missoula!

So much has changed in 8 years, and not just within our box, but throughout the greater CrossFit community.

When we affiliated in 2006, we were approximately the 60th affiliate. Today there are close to (maybe more than) 8,000 affiliates worldwide! Thirty-two in Montana. Four of them right here in Missoula!

More people doing more CrossFit!

And let’s not forget the creation of the affiliate owned Risk Retention Group insuring CrossFit trainers and affiliates, the explosion of the CrossFit Games, and of course CrossFit’s level-one certification test achieving ANSI accreditation, a fitness industry first!

And what do we think of this rapid growth? We think it’s awesome, and are looking forward to seeing how far we can go!

Of course, CrossFit Missoula wouldn’t have made it this far without our amazing members! We want to give special “thanks” to all our members, because without you it just wouldn’t be what it is! We love you and will do anything to help you succeed!

Workout of the Day

For max reps:
Tabata pull-ups
Rest 1 minute
Tabata push-ups
Rest 1 minute
Tabata squats

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