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Life is the event

Rob, Andy, and Kate pull the handles off the rowers.

Competition is part of the training. It’s an opportunity to test yourself in new environments, and expose physical as well as mental weakness. Competition will pull the best and worst out of people. With every win and loss is a chance to learn about yourself. Like how you handle stress, and how you relate to other people. Competition can provide the raw material for your life’s work – you. Just don’t let the experience of winning and losing, the euphoria of success and the depression of failure, go to your head. Don’t get lost in your sport, it’s only a game. Life is the event.

Workout of the Day

CrossFit Games Open workout 14.4
Complete as many reps as possible in 14 minutes:
60 calorie row
50 toes to bar
40 wall balls, 20 lb, 10 ft
30 cleans, 135 lb
20 muscle-ups

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