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The first one

Rise and grind, 05:30.

The “first muscle-up” is coveted by many in CrossFit. Three key ingredients for muscle-up success are (1) 5+ chest to bar, dead hang pull-ups, (2) ring dips, and (3) maintaining a solid position through the transition. Though there are many ways to coach the muscle-up, we have a simple and direct approach that has worked well for us.

First, the chest to the bar pull-up is our standard pull-up. As soon as a student can pull their chest to the bar, we teach them the “transition drill,” (identical to the one Berger describes in the video below). Along with building strength at the top of the pull-up and bottom of the dip, the last piece is to simply try-like-mad to get that first one.

For further study:

The Muscle-up by Greg Glassman
Muscle-up Virtuosity: Part 1 by Lauri Galassi
Muscle-up Virtuosity: Part 2 by Lauri Galassi
The Kipping Muscle-up by Lauri Galassi
Paoli’s Muscl-up Progression: Part 1 by Carl Paoli
Paoli’s Muscl-up Progression: Part 2 by Carl Paoli
Getting Better at the Muscle-up by Russell Berger

Workout of the Day

Three rounds for time:
Run 300 m
6 muscle-ups
12 deadlifts, 110 kg

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