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Pulling up vs. pulling down

05:30 in the mix

By design, we are built to pull our body up things. Pulling down, as in a lat pull down or seated cable row is not the same thing. Pull-ups develop ability while pull-downs exercise muscles. In the photo above you can see our simple progression for developing innate climbing ability. Ring rows to pull-ups to rope ascents. Of course there are some steps in between, skills that need to be learned and practiced. Lat pull downs do not lead to a legless rope ascents or muscle-ups, and that is what we want, so that is how we train.

Workout of the Day

For max load:
Back squats, 5-5-5 reps

Three rounds for time:
100 double unders
15 toes to bar
25 burpees (with 2 push-ups per burpee)

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