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Survival dependent

barbell snatches and Turkish get-ups.

Tysen pulls a single-arm snatch while Lisa (from Minnesota) does Turkish get-ups.

Though Montana has one of the lower crime rates in the U.S., on any given day, bad things do happen to good people.

For example, just this weekend:
Woman escapes attacker on Kim Williams Trail (Missoula)
Police: Female half-marathoner avoids abduction (Lincoln)

And within the last month:
Suspect in custody after attempted kidnapping of 10-year old (Missoula)
Pablo man charged with raping, kidnapping woman (Polson)

Awareness and the will to protect yourself by any means necessary are key to keeping you and your family safe. Last week, we shared three books that we believe offer valuable insight into doing just that.

There is no single training approach or tool that will keep you safe. Simply carrying a gun or pepper spray does not make you safe without the proper training to use them in stressful situations. Participating in martial arts or combat sports does not necessarily prepare you mentally to handle the “no holds barred” ruthlessness of street violence when your attacker’s goal is not to “win” but to destroy you.

Your survival is dependent on many things:

  • Your awareness of people and your environment.
  • Your willingness to protect yourself by any means necessary, including injuring and possibly killing your foe.
  • The tools at your disposal, including your body (hands, feet, elbows, etc.), guns, knives, improvised weapons, etc.
  • The efficacy of your training.

Workout of the Day

Five rounds for time:
12 push presses, 135 lb
20 box jumps, 24 in

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