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David Christensen


Since 1986, Dave has taught young people ages 9-14 at Lolo School. Currently teaching 7/8 English, he fosters deep engagement in learning with his students. As a teacher for 27 years and as a basketball coach for 15 years, he understands and values the integrity and discipline needed to develop core foundational skills for functional fitness.

What started as a casual conversation about CrossFit while receiving core structural integration bodywork from Daniel Carney turned into an odyssey to become a CrossFit trainer. Dave started CrossFit training over five years ago with Daniel and heard the call of CrossFit coaching. He answered that call in the Winter of 2013, becoming a CrossFit Level I Certified Trainer.

Dave’s two youngest children, Gabe and Bella, were athletes in the first ever CrossFit Kids class at Missoula CrossFit, fueling his desire to become a CrossFit Kids coach. Subsequently, he earned his CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer designation in Spring of 2013.

Dave has served on the Executive Committee of the National Council of Teachers of English as the Elementary Representative-at-Large, assisting in the development of literacy policies. In addition, he Co-Directed the Montana Writing Project at the University of Montana for 10 years, teaching teachers to become even stronger teachers of writing. Although Dave has conducted educationally related trainings locally, statewide and nationally, nothing comes as close to his heart as coaching at CrossFit Missoula.

Married to Jenny, a third grade teacher, and father of four children, Dave is happiest when he is in the thick of his personal training, teaching and coaching all the while instilling in others a love of learning and fitness.