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What others have to say about Daniel

“I had a couple of friends that were doing CrossFit with Daniel, and they convinced me to try it just once. I used to bicycle race and do triathlons, but it had been a long time since I considered myself in shape. I am not a fan of traditional gyms, and was worried about what CrossFit would be like. I was extremely skeptical that I would be able to complete even one of these intense CrossFit workouts. I had my mind changed in a single workout with Daniel. With Daniel’s supportive guidance and coaching, I found a part of me that I had been missing for a long time. I completed that first workout and felt like my old self. I kept going and not only did I notice improvements in my cardiovascular fitness and strength, I noticed a shift in my mental state. Thanks to Daniel, I now enjoy doing olympic lifting with my husband. CrossFit works for those of us resistant to traditional gyms and workouts. Thanks Daniel!!”

-Ida Wilson


“Since I’ve been coming to your class, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my flexibility and strength. I had knee surgery last year and had difficulty with flexibility and pain. Your classes have made a marked improvement in my increased flexibility and the strength in my knee. Prior to your class I couldn’t do one push-up nor could I do any squats, now thanks to you and your training not only am I able to do them, but do them well. Thank you for improving my quality of life!”

-Joy Steiner


“I had a spinal fusion and was put in a full body cast for over 4 months. After the removal of my body cast, I never rehabilitated the muscles that had completely atrophied during the time in the cast. I still resumed my rigorous athletic lifestyle of playing tennis 4-5 times each week. I did this for 15 years and was constantly having huge muscular problems. I went to several physical therapists,trainers, and orthopedic doctors, for my constant lower back and hip problems. I never found relief or improvement. I was always having huge painful issues. After playing one set of singles, I had to walk dragging my right leg or some other kind of constant painful problem. A friend told me about Daniel and his Structural Integration work. I went through the entire 10-series of Structural Integration with Daniel. This process really dug into the over worked, out of balance areas. After completing the 10-series, I worked with Daniel on developing a program to strengthen my long over due weakened muscles. He created a program that included weight training and a body balancing routine that has changed my life. Athletically I am so much stronger, muscularly balanced and therefore out of pain, and I am able to play hours of painless, strong sets of tennis. I am forever grateful.”

-Tracy Snipes


“I thank you for alleviating a chronic hip condition through your massage work. It is a gift to be able to hike, run, and lead an active lifestyle without any discomfort. I am also grateful for the experience of being athletically trained by you. It’s been rewarding for me to see the changes that have occurred in my body from weightlifting. I achieved the strength, definition, and fat loss I wanted. Your dedication to detail and proper form has been educational and provided me with correct technique that I will use in all aspects of my active life.”

-Laura Posen