Winter WOnDerland – Your Holiday Workout Plan

The question I get asked the most in December goes something like this, “I’m leaving town for the Holidays. What should my holiday workout plan be?”

If your plan is solid, and your willpower steady, not only will you be able to keep from losing ground over the Holidays, but you can make significant gains in weak areas of your fitness.

The first hurdle you need to overcome is where you’re going to work out. The truth is, everything you need to get a good workout is already with you. You. So you can workout anytime, and anywhere.

Body weight movements have been a staple of athletes and warriors for as long as homo sapiens have roamed the earth.

Running, pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups have been primary PT for militaries for thousands of years. If it’s good enough for the soldiers, it’s good for you, at least until you can get back to your gym.

Here are two body workout examples that require no equipment, other than you.

Complete the following for time, and  in order:
Run 1 mile
100 sit-ups
100 push-ups
100 squats


Complete four rounds of the following for time:
Run 400 m
25 sit-ups
25 push-ups
25 squats

Even though they have almost identical total work volume, they will have a different impact on your body. You could create an endless variety of workouts with these four different exercises.

However, add in a pull-up bar, and a few items like a jump rope, dumbbell, or twenty-pound backpack and the variability increases exponentially.

No work, no school, and no alarm clocks usually mean self-discipline melts away like butter on a dinner roll. Plan to workout every day, even if it’s just twenty minutes.

Take no training days off when you’re on vacation. Do something every day. The earlier, the better. Do it right when you wake up, and you don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.

Sound simple, right? Well, it is. However, the inertia is working against you once you leave your gym and your community.

To help our students stay motivated and engaged through the Holidays, we created CrossFit Missoula’s Holiday Survival Guide.

And I’m offering it here on the webs to the general public under one condition: that you don’t mess yourself up by getting into something you’re not ready for yet.

For the people who train at CrossFit Missoula, they know the material and methodology. They get it. But if you’re new to training in general, or CrossFit methodology specifically, you will probably not want to start with our workbook. Instead, just go with what you know.

Now, if that didn’t scare you off, and you’re still interested in getting your hands on a copy of CrossFit Missoula’s Survival Workbook, then, by all means, enter your email below, and we’ll be happy to deliver the workbook to your inbox pronto.

Holiday Survival Workbook