Student Spotlight: Sara Smith

Sara presses 8kg kettlebells during the 0630 hr group workout.

Sara presses 8kg kettlebells during the 0630 hr group workout.

Sara Smith joined CrossFit Missoula in May, 2012. Originally from Joliet, Montana, Sara has been active her entire life, and constantly looking for new challenges to take on. She played basketball in high school and started teaching skiing at age 15.

In college, Sara raced mountain bikes and took up back country skiing. She ran her first marathon in 2005 and ran her fifth in Boston in 2010. And in 2011, she took on her first half Ironman.

Sara was exposed to CrossFit by her “crazy friend” in Whitefish, Montana, Amy. “Amy told me I just had to do it.” Amy was also the inspiration and motivation behind the marathon and half Ironman.

The strongest impression Sara has of her first workout was that she had to considerably scale it, and thought that everyone who had to do the whole thing was “definitely crazy!”

Sara’s favorite workouts are the ones she gets a PR (personal record) in. Her least favorite, are anything with burpees in it.

The changes to Sara’s health and fitness that she is most pleased with since starting at CrossFit Missoula are the significant increases in her strength, and decrease in body fat.

One of Sara’s most memorable moments was during a partner WOD (workout of the Day). The workout consisted on one partner holding a static position (e.g. plank) while the other performed as many reps as possible of a movement (e.g. pull-ups). When the person holding the static position failed, the partners switched positions.

At some point in the workout, when Sara collapsed out of her plank, her training partner Willy stated “your failure releases me!” In the moment, it was so profound that everyone who heard it actually stopped where they were to absorb and reflect on what Willy has said. It only lasted a few seconds, but no doubt it had affected the entire class.

When we asked Sara “what advice would you give to someone just getting started with CrossFit?”, Sara replied, “Don’t give up and hang in there! Hard work pays off!”