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Requirements to Dropping in

We welcome travelers! However, we are also a private training facility and primarily focus on personal training, and small groups (7-12 students).

We ask that anyone wishing to drop-in to one of our Teams (group classes) be either an active member at another CrossFit Affiliate and have at least twelve months of CrossFit experience, or similar strength and conditioning background.

The First Thing You Need To Do is to contact Daniel through the Contact Page and let him know what day and time you would like to drop-in. We recommend you do this at least 24 hours ahead of time so that we can get you a timely response. If you just show up at our door, there’s a high probability you will be turned away due to a full class.

Drop in fees:*
$15/class each person
$45/week each person

Personal Training and Small Group Training is also available for traveling athletes and CrossFitters.

*Affiliate owners and working CrossFit trainers train for free